Best International CBSE School in Wakad, Pune

Health And Physical Education

Sports is an integral part of our campus life to ensure good physical growth and development of the students. The program focuses on teaching the young impressionable minds values of discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork and thereby prepares them to face the challenges and failures positively. These sports activities are taught to our children under the guidance of professional trainers and coaches through a structured & progressive sports program with supporting infrastructure as below.


The school has

  • One acre playground in the school campus which is used for sports activities like Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Cricket and Skating
  • Indoor Halls which are used for activities like Table Tennis, aerobics, karate & yoga.
  • Pre-primary play area with soft rubberized flooring for safety of the little ones along with an adjacent sand pit and cycling track.
  • Primary play area which has outdoor play equipments like various types of slides and monkey gym.

Class-wise sports program

A structured sports curriculum is followed in which

  • In pre-primary sections an age appropriate Physical Literacy Program by specialized sports agency (Zoommer) has been adopted which focuses on progressive physical development of the child’s body and basic skills like catching are taught before introducing them to various sports.
  • An internationally standardized PEC Card based system has been implemented for development of physiology, motor skills and muscle toning through a physical activity period for higher classes.
  • From Class III onwards the child is introduced to one new indoor and one outdoor game every year as follows
Class Game physical activity
Third Football PEC Card & Dance
Fourth Cricket PEC Card, Karate & Dance
Fifth Basketball PEC Card, Karate & Dance
Sixth Chess & Cricket Karate & Dance
Seventh Football & Softball Karate & Dance
Eigth Cricket and Table Tennis Karate & Dance
Ninth Basketball, Chess and Table Tennis Karate & CBSE Physical Education Syllabus
Tenth Basketball, Football, Chess and Table Tennis Karate & CBSE Physical Education Syllabus
Eleventh Softball and Table Tennis CBSE Physical Education Syllabus
Twelfth Football and Basketball CBSE Physical Education Syllabus