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In the Primary Section our aim is to establish a strong foundation for further learning in each child by blending the traditional 3R (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic) with following 4C’s skills of the 21st century.

  • Critical thinking and problem solving,
  • Communication,
  • Creativity,
  • Collaboration

In addition there is a focus on Character building based on Indian value system and laying the seeds for a Global Citizenship mindset.


Akshara believes that the school curriculum should take care of holistic development (physical, intellectual, logical and spiritual) of its pupils. At the primary level, it offers a broad multidisciplinary and balanced curriculum to enable learning through a structured schooling program. The focus is on:

  • Developing strong fundamentals in academics,
  • Good physical development and team spirit through sports
  • Broad intellectual development through performing arts
  • Inculcating good moral values rooted in Indian culture along with a commitment to Community Service

The teaching approach is centered around activity-based experiential learning to stimulate the development of multiple intelligences, inherent in each child.

We do this by adopting the modern methods of teaching like use of LCD projectors, Audio-Visual, Story Method, Exploration and Research, Group Discussions (Debate) to make learning effective and an enjoyable experience.

Beyond Academics

Akshara provides a balanced education by supplementing academics with a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities:

  • Co-curricular Activities (CCA) include variety of inter-house competitions like poetry recitation, Singing, storytelling, fancy dress and GK quiz
  • Comprehensive Sports program with focus on physical development in the first two primary years through a scientific program provided by an external sports agency followed by exposure to various sports including karate and gymnastics from 3rd grade onwards
  • Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) are taught through Music (Guitar, Drum, Synthesizer and Tabla), Dance (Bharatnatyam and Kathak) and Drama sessions
  • Workshops and Field Trips are regularly conducted to enhance teaching learning processes.

Akshara has a House System for development of student Leadership and primary section has representation in the Student Council.



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The school has created a world class infrastructure to support its academics and non- academic activities. The facilities include

Key Features

Age appropriate learning program
Project based experiential learning
Flexible Classroom design and layout
High Adult to child ratio
Nutritious Food
Safety & security
Day Boarding
Trained Counsellor


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