Best International CBSE School in Wakad, Pune


Academics at Akshara has five key components:

Well Designed Sequential Curriculum
  • The pre-primary curriculum has been designed by Dr. Vinita Apte, who is an authority on ECE (Early Childhood Education). It includes carefully designed competency and skill based programme, along with provision for a wide range of experiences and materials to foster and enhance physical, motor, social, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual development.
  • The school being affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE) follows the curriculum defined by NCERT for the middle and secondary section classes (6th onwards). French, Sanskrit and Hindi are offered as second language.
Modern Teaching Methodology
  • New methods of Teaching like use of LCD, Audio-Visual, Story Method, Exploration and Research, Group Discussions (Debate) are used to make learning an enjoyable experience. Technology resources like digital white boards, projectors and internet enable the integration of digital multimedia content with the text books material in the teaching-learning process across all classes.
Experiential Learning Model
  • An activity based experiential learning approach has been adopted to stimulate the development of multiple intelligences, inherent in each child.
Scientific Assessment
  • Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation has been adopted for scientific assessment of student learning. . The small class size allows the teacher to monitor the learning progress of each child and recommend Remedial / Advanced Learning based on the progress.
Excellent Supporting Infrastructure
  • The infrastructure has been carefully designed to enable the learning process. For example, the pre-primary section is on the ground floor and designed for easy access to resources like Doll House, outdoor play area, sand pit and cycling track.
  • The secondary section has well equipped science labs, maths lab, computer lab, internet lab and library.