Best International CBSE School in Wakad, Pune

Day Boarding Program

Akshara’s Day Boarding Program is a good choice as compared to a fully Residential School. In a residential school the child misses out on the family environment which is critical for development in the formative years.

In our Day Boarding system the school timing is from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the additional hours after regular school hours are optimally utilized for development of hobbies, systematic sports coaching and extra academic help (e.g. Homework, Remedial Teaching, Advanced Learner classes). The concept offers the following value proposition:

Personality Development : The inherent talent in each child is brought out through a wide range of games, sports and co-curricular activities. The child is exposed to an environment where he/ she can decide a hobby of his/her liking and develop the talent to its excellence.

Optimized Learning : Child’s time is spent very productively after school on various scholastic & co-curricular activities and is not wasted in travelling to various tuition/ coaching/ hobby/ sports classes. Click for details of hobbies offered.

Quality Family Time : Parents do not have to worry about homework, curricular or extra-curricular activities as they are taken care of by the school. The family is thus able to spend quality time at home as the child returns home each day free of any tension or pressure.

Teacher Student Interaction : Child spends more time with teachers and thereby develops a stronger bond. Due to small class size, the teacher is able to give personalized attention and act as a personal mentor.

Balanced Diet : The School provides a daily healthy and wholesome nutritious diet (i.e. breakfast, lunch and snack). The child develops good eating habits and dining etiquettes.