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Hello everyone, my name is Yash Mayuresh Kavi and I am the Joint Secretary of Akshara Alumni Association. I am currently in my second year of Electrical Nanotechnology Engineering which I am pursuing from the University of Alberta, Canada. During my class 12, I was highly interested in programming. I had opted for Computer Science as my 5th subject and I had developed a liking towards it and understanding of how electronic chips work in our phones, laptops and various other devices. So I decided to learn something new and innovative in the same field once I had finished school. When I was going through a plethora of programmes available for me to opt for, I came across this specific subject-nanotechnology which sounded really new. Once I had decided what subject I would choose as my career, the next task was to find a specific place that would offer me this subject for undergraduation. In India, this course was only offered in IIT for post graduation so I had to look beyond my home country. Upon surveying Universities across the globe, I finally zeroed in on the University of Alberta as it was one of the very few universities across the world that offered this subject.

Upon getting accepted at this University, the next task was to carry out my education in a completely different country. I had to design my own schedule, pick my professors for a plethora of subjects and most importantly decide on how to schedule my complete degree by picking up proper subjects required for me to graduate. The process was completely different than what it would have been if I had pursued my engineering degree from India. The way exams were conducted was completely different too. All my marks suddenly started to turn into letter grades and percentages started changing to grade point averages. It was somewhat difficult and challenging in the beginning but that was the most fun part of my life as I have always liked challenges. All my coursework started comprising of applying my theoretical knowledge into pragmatic models. I feel this is one big difference about technical education overseas- one gets to learn by correcting their own mistakes in practical work. Once I thoroughly understood how the system works, I became a part of it and started enjoying my international experience. I was a stranger in a completely different world but yet I had developed a sense of belonging towards my institute.

Overall my experience overseas was completely different than what it would have been had I undertaken my degree from India. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first two years at this University. The study friendly environment allows me to work peacefully in any building until any hour of the day without any restrictions. I feel I have developed better decision making skills than I would have had I not stepped into taking such a decision of studying abroad. I have learnt to place all my options in front of me and to take wise decisions. My school had always taught me to be a respectful human being and I feel that I have not failed to implement these values abroad.

Yash Kavi

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