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House System at Akshara

The element of competition is an incentive for better work; it makes for a better interest in and enthusiasm for an activity undertaken. Besides, it teaches the children to understand the working of a democratic set up.

To inculcate team spirit and leadership skills, the school has FOUR Houses based on four values and each is associated with a different colour. Values are the essence and source of all high accomplishments. Although we cannot see or touch them they are every bit real. We all have values that determine our decisions and guide our lives. They are the path to perfection and shape our lives.

The Four Houses and Their Motto's Are:

Gallantry (Red) means to be brave and chivalrous. The house motto is to “Be courageous in the face of adversity and commit to be courteous and respectful to women.” The objective of these Houses is to foster the spirit of co-operative team-work

Optimism (Yellow) means to look for a favorable outcome in any situation. To work hard for success with an underlying hope and positivity so as to come out with flying colours.

Patriotism (Orange) The house motto is “To love our country first and self later” and thus be always ready to sacrifice for the welfare of motherland.

Serenity (Green) is the quality of being calm and not getting agitated. The house moto is to practice being composed in all situations to make correct and wise decisions in our lives.