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Senior Secondary Program (Class XI - XII)

Education is not preparation of life; it is Life itself.


Akshara aims to make the two-year tenure of senior secondary students a joyous and purposeful learning experience. We provide an environment and resources for students to not only achieve academic excellence but also to develop important Life Skills like self awareness, goal setting and decision making. Our Aksharites evolve as discerning young adults with a sense of real self-estimate accompanied with true values and high moral principles to take on the challenges of the world outside.

Details of Class 11-12 Program

CBSE Curriculum

The school offers senior secondary curriculum of CBSE Board as it is a national examination board with wide acceptance in college admissions in India and abroad.

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The exam syllabus of various competitive entrance exams like JEE and NEET is similar to CBSE and hence students do well in the Board exams also while preparing for these competitions.
Board Results
The students have consistently given excellent results and usually 35-40 % of the students score above 90%. They have been selected to premier institutions in India and abroad.

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Subjects Streams

The school offers Science and Commerce Streams with optimal combinations of subjects to choose from. The students can choose any 5 subjects from the list below:

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Science Stream

  • English, Physics, Chemistry (Compulsory subjects)
  • Maths/ Biology/ Computer Science/ Physical Education (Optional subjects)

Commerce Stream

  • English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics (Compulsory subjects)
  • Maths/ Physical Education (Optional subject)

For more details refer to Class XI Admissions or Science Stream or Commerce Stream page

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Teaching Methodology

Bridge Course – Transition from X to XI made easy
The students experience a major shift from skill-based learning in class X to content-based learning in class XI.

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A unique course is designed to bridge this gap which ensures smooth transition for the students. The programme has a duration of 2-3 weeks and its aim is to-

  • familiarize the new students with the school system
  • give an overview of the academic expectations of senior secondary programme,
  • the revision of all the basic concepts of Sciences and Mathematics
  • one to one interaction with faculty members

Integrated Competitive Exams coaching
Akshara offers Integrated Competitive Exams coaching with optimal subject combination.
The classes are conducted by external SME’s within school hours to achieve success in competitive examinations.

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CBSE Board Results

The students have consistently shown excellent results in the Board exams and usually, 30-35 % of the students score above 90%

Salient Program Features

The students experience a major shift in the teaching learning process when they transition from class X (content-based teacher driven learning) to Class XI (application-based self driven learning). A unique course has been designed by our experienced teaching faculty to bridge this gap and help students overcome the initial academic challenges. The programme is of 2-3 weeks duration and it provides:

  • An overview of the CBSE senior secondary programme and syllabus
  • Familiarization with new teaching learning process in Class XI-XII
  • Revision of all the basic concepts of Class X which are foundation for Class XI syllabus
  • One to one interaction with faculty members for guidance in subject selection
  • Seminars by external experts on career guidance and competitions

Akshara offers an Integrated Schooling option wherein the Competitive Exams coaching is integrated with the regular board classes teaching in the school. Classes are conducted by external competitive exams coaching experts during school hours to save the students travel time to coaching classes.

The child is at the center of the teaching-learning process and so utmost care is taken that he/ she achieves optimal level of excellence through regular hard work and motivation.
The school counselor has a session with each student at the start of the program and she facilitates regular sessions on stress management, goal setting, self management and mind power through out the year. The students can discuss their personal issues with her in confidence. External experts guidance sessions are arranged whenever required.
As part of our Student Mentoring program each students is mapped to a faculty member who monitors the academic progress and provides guidance to student & parent.

We believe that learning is a continuous process and so should be the assessment. We follow the CBSE guidelines for the assessment which includes annual examinations, periodic tests and internal assessments. This ensures regularity in studies and chapter wise learning feedback to the student.

The progress report of the students is directly sent to the parents. Also, a Parent App is provided to parents so that they can track school activities, circulars and their ward’s attendance. Parent teacher meetings are held after every assessment to apprise the parents about their child’s progress. Parents are encouraged to meet the counselor for guidance on how to motivate their ward and help in stress management.

The ultimate aim of Akshara Secondary program is to ensure that each pupil is able to enter a career of his/ her choice at the end of the schooling years. The process begins from grade IX as school facilitates a career guidance and counselling program to make the students have self-awareness of their competencies and aptitudes. Career counsellors and eminent people from respective industries are invited to interact with the students. During Class XI- XII, students are made aware of various study options in India and aboard for their chosen career option.

Beyond Academics

Although Academics is the main focus in the senior secondary program, ample opportunities are provided to the students to go beyond the books and develop their talent through a variety of co-curricular and sports activities:

  • Participation in workshops and seminars organized by esteemed institutes like IISER
  • Inter-school science quizzes and Olympiads
  • Field Trips are organized to premier institutes like IISER, IUCCA and FLAME University
  • Representing school in football, karate, basketball and athletics in ZP & CBSE tournaments
  • TedEd Akshara Club for grade 11 and 12 to help students enhance their communication, presentation and analytical skills

Success in Competitive Exams

Students have been selected to premier institutions in India (IIT, NIT, IIIT, IISER) and abroad.

  • JEE (Mains) – 34 selections
  • JEE (Advanced) – 7 selections (highest rank AIR 548 – Sarang Chaudhari)


The school has created a world class infrastructure to support academic and non- academic activities. The facilities include:

  • Digital Classrooms to facilitate technology enabled learning
  • Well equipped Laboratories
  • Sports ground and indoor halls
  • Amphitheatre for assembly and cultural performances
  • Activity Rooms for Music, Dance and Art & Craft teaching
  • Library equipped with books and multimedia content
  • Infirmary managed by a lady doctor with ICU experience

Trained Staff

Our teachers are our strength. As ‘facilitators’ in the teaching-learning process they are engaged in professional development at regular intervals throughout the academic year. Most of the teachers have over 15 years of teaching experience at the senior secondary level and under their guidance students have performed well in Board exams while balancing their competitive exam preparation.


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